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Sunday, March 4, 2012


You meet me here.
I meet you now.
We breathe this second.
Our deserted hearts taste the present.
Angels might appear.

Our skin leading the way.
My heart is drumming.
You breathe to my beat.
We break open.
Angels are hearing.

Tears of uncertain liberty,
vibrating with your pulse.
Water drops landing on my chest,
you drinking me.
Angels are gazing.

Our bare naked souls visible,
for us to seize.
Entangled in our mold,
we reach above the ceiling.
Angels are beaming.

Lips traveling uncovered terrain.
Rising love to come undone.
Fingers finding secrets.
Our hearts soar.
Angels are near.

I give you me.
You give me you.
Boundless night of us.
We know freely.
Angels are here.