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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Infinity Love

One evil spirit,
destroying our world.
Our world that was you.
You, that belonged to us.
Our time was borrowed,
then without warning stolen.
We are bleeding through our hearts,
no patches to stop the blood-flow.
The hurt will go on.
Down on our knees we shout a prayer:
Dear Father, embrace our children!
Children that are yours now.
Our faith waivers.
No Father would do this.
In our prayer, we know the answer.
The horrific act was the Devil’s work.
God whispers that he gave you wings.
You flew straight into His arms.
We, who still walk this earth,
march to the drum-beat of your memory.
My road to you is marked with teardrops.
You are my daily loss here on earth.
In Heaven you are my infinity love.
There is only one way to carry on.
To believe in Heaven.
You could not be anywhere else.